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Fat burners

Help your body burn fat with the help of healthy and natural products

Purchase your fat burning products in store in Saint-Georges, Longueuil, Montreal or in one of our other stores across the province. You can also place an online order from anywhere in the province and country. NUTRITION 87 offers various brands of “fat burners”, which help make losing weight easier and faster.

Buy fat burners Longueuil
Buy fat burners Longueuil

What is a fat burner?

Fat burners are dietary supplements sold in powder or capsule form. They help the body transport fatty acids towards the mitochondria of cells, which then eliminates them. Fat burners even increase the efficiency of cells to eliminate fat. In addition, they allow the body to produce increased natural energy, all while maintaining performance during training.
The fat burners offered by NUTRITION 87 are products from known brands. They favour weight loss in a healthy and natural way. The active ingredients they contain have been clinically tested and are effective in helping with weight loss.

Mode of action of fat burners

Depending on the type of product chosen, the mode of action can be different. Thermogenic fat burners increase the production of heat within the body (thermogenesis), which increases the energetic expenditures and burns calories. Composed of at least one stimulating substance (such as caffeine), these food supplements increase concentration and also help reduce appetite. The thermogenic fat burners are the most effective among all types of fat burners. They are particularly beneficial if consumed just before a workout session. They help increase muscle mass.
Lipotropic fat burners, on the other hand, activate the breakdown of lipids which are stored in fat cells (using a process called lipolysis). The lipids are then used by the muscles as a source of energy. These fat burners do not contain any stimulant. They may contain L-carnitine (a molecule which facilitates the penetration of fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells, which eliminate them) or they may contain CLAs (linoleic fatty acids from the omega 6 family which reduce fat mass and increase lean body mass).
Appetite suppressant fat burners help prevent fat storage. They trigger a feeling of satiety quickly during meals and allow for a longer digestion. In addition, appetite suppressants reduce cravings and sugar urges. Some brands of appetite suppressants contain stimulants while others are made from plant extracts.
As for fat burners which have a diuretic action, they prevent water retention by stimulating the elimination of liquids through urine. They also promote intestinal transit. Diuretics help reduce belly swelling and sculpt the body more precisely.
All of the fat burning products offered by NUTRITION 87 can help you reach your weight loss goals. It is worth noting that the fat burners are incompatible with pregnancy and breast feeding. And since these products can interact with certain medications or health conditions, it is important to consult a doctor before consuming any of them.

Purchase fat burners

Take a moment to consult each product page in order to purchase the one that can best meet your weight loss goals. You can buy fat burners at our stores in Saint-Georges or Montreal.

We are here to help you chose the products that will meet your needs!

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