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Protein for your workout

Our protein supplements based on milk, eggs or vegetable origins allow you to increase your muscle mass without being in lack of proteins.

Do you wish to acquire some proteins (whey) for sports training in our stores across the province including Montreal, Longueuil or Saint-Georges? We offer the best brands, and at competitive prices. We can also inform you in detail on the various products, and advise you the best choice for your specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone, or come meet us in person!

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Why use proteins?

Even though proteins are sufficient in the body with a healthy diet, athletes that workout intensively (whether it be in a sports, endurance or strength training) need more proteins than sedentary people. Proteins sold as dietary supplements allow to develop and preserve muscle mass, this being the reason they are so popular.
Protein, that we mix with water to make an energy drink, is not considered a doping substance. They do however greatly help bodybuilding enthusiasts (notably) reach their goals. On the market, we can find proteins based on milk (whey, isolate, casein, hydrolysate), eggs or vegetable origin. Various flavours are available. Chose a type that contains at least 70% proteins.
Thin individuals who wish to gain weight can opt for protein supplements which contain more carbohydrates.

Supplement for vegetarians or vegans

Vegan proteins are recommended for people who do not consume meat or animal products (milk, yogurt, eggs, etc.). They can be used as a food supplement in order not to have a deficiency. These proteins are made from vegetable proteins either based on soy, peas, chick peas or hemp (the other proteins are made from fish, beef, etc.). It is however recommended for vegetarians and vegans to consume lots of nuts and green foods (such as broccoli, spinach and avocados) in order to obtain enough proteins, and also vitamins and fibre. It is worth noting that some great weightlifters are vegan or vegetarian.

When should you eat protein?

An athlete needs to consume between 1.5 and 2 g of proteins per kg of body weigh on a daily basis (depending on the requirements of the sport practiced). Weightlifters should consume 2g per kg of body weight, while bodybuilders should be consuming between 2 and 3 g per kg of body weight. For these great athletes, it is recommended to regularly take a protein supplement in order to prevent a deficiency.
It is recommended to consume protein several times a day, but especially after a muscle training since it promotes muscle recovery. Before and during the workout, it is not necessary to consume some as the organism does not assimilate proteins while it is in intense muscular effort.

To acquire your proteins

You can come meet us in store in Saint-Georges or Montreal to acquire your proteins and get access to our completely personalized advice from our specialists in dietary supplements. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (438) 993-5442.

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